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Read Chey's story.

I always saw my father as a man who simply loved to live out his commitment and adoration for Jesus.  He saw life as a gift by his creator and one we are privileged to share.  Dad was not selfish with his time and his gentle and kind personality was especially inclusive.  He never rushed a conversation or event but was careful to experience each moment, each person and each encounter as special. He often could be found having a conversation with the only stranger in the room, leaving a positive happy feeling no matter how long or short the conversation. His ability to love people for who they were was evident in his lasting impression.


My dad was a man of character.  He was honest and generous to a fault, full of integrity.  He taught me the simplicity of life by following these precepts and how to avoid unnecessary complications when we don't follow the straight path.  I admired his consistent and daily early-morning meditations with Jesus and was able to witness how he lived his life out based on this precious relationship.  Dad was a man who mentored and discipled with sincerity, consistency and quiet wisdom, living Christ's perspective to his very best.  He valued kindness and gentleness over worth, honesty and integrity over wealth and strength of character over worldly knowledge.


My dad had a great sense of adventure.  He loved God's creation and taught us all to see the wonder and complex beauty of it.  Family vacations were always exciting. He spent many hours planning and preparing these times together and often seemed more excited about them then his children. Fishing and camping, safari and Bible camp, trekking through the amazing sites of Europe to the ancient gates of Jerusalem, or in the humblest of rural villages. All were experienced through his enthusiastic desire to see, hear, taste and learn about the wonder of the created world and make sure his kids did too.  He valued life, a gifted privilege, and one not to be squandered.  He lived this out in times of blessing and great hardship, each chapter of life a spiritual journey given by his heavenly father.

I thank my dad for many things, for leading by example, steering a straight path, for loving with endurance, rescuing, nurturing and encouraging.

I thank my dad for never complaining during times of disappointment, physical pain or trial; for showing me that each was an opportunity for greatness if endured. 

I thank my dad for seeing me as dear, and beautiful and good.

I thank my dad for giving me the spiritual guidance and leading me to love Jesus. 


These are the reasons my dad lived everyday.


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