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Original Art For Sale

Serious buyers please send an e-mail
Chileans Love Soccer,
Los Chilenos aman el Futbol.

Everyone in my culture love soccer, I wanted to interpret the sport in a very artistic way.

Your wife or girlfriend won't mind this piece of art in your home.


16 x 20 Acrylic painting $300

Dreaming For Love
60 x30 acrylic and oil pastel.

This art piece was created by Yohan Daza and was inspired by a photograph created by Bahareh bisheh from Iran.  The original photograph didn't intended to have any kind of deep meaning, but it has created a lot of conversation online regarding girls, that are abandoned around the world.

 We all need the sense of a mother in our life. In this painting, this young teenage girl wants to have a sense of belonging.  So she drew an imaginary mother that she could cuddle close to.  She keeps her shoes outside of her mother's drawing because she is on sacred ground.

 I want to challenge people to take action in the issue of Gendercide, and not just feel sad about it.  I want people to read and learn about the issue and find ways to stop gendercide.  We can't abandon girls around the world; perhaps we can make the drawing on the ground real for some girls.

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